The Book of Kells

Sure, we couldn’t come to Dublin without seeing the Book, could we? Off to Trinity College in the sunshine (sunshine!) to slip into the Library at its opening hour. Scarcely any wait to speak of, then inside to the Book. The beautiful pages look pretty much like our facsimile, Only Real. Trinity has created an introductory exhibit, “Darkness into Light” that sets the context. The best part are huge panels with magnified views of the Kells pages — fantastic because to the naked eye (or at least, to my age-challenged naked eye!) it’s hard to make out the detail — but with these magnifications, the images look sensational, and you can begin to grasp what the artist-scribes really achieved. The Long Room (a barrel-vaulted library gallery that is possibly the most beautiful space ever designed for books) is an awesone sight, too, despite the stairwell that dumps one disconcertingly into the Gift Shop. Here’s hoping all that cash goes straight into scholarships for needy undergrads.

A reminder of the beautiful Book -- no photography is allowed inside the exhibit.

The Long Room in the Trinity College Library (again, not my photo) -- a stunning space


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Iona College in New Rochelle, New York was founded by nearly 20 Irish-born Christian Brothers (with the help of Canadians, Americans, and the odd Welshman and Brit.) As Director of Mission Integration at Iona, I help the College keep faith with the rich traditions of Catholic learning and the founding charism of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.
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